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Social Media is interaction, relationships and consumer generated media that takes permission marketing to a new level. Social Media is a term that encompases new media allowing platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin to become the advertising mediums of the present and future. Let Trafficfundi show you the way.

There is an unfortunate misconception that Africa is a non-entity when it comes to the internet, however, this could not be further from the truth. According to an article entitled “Social Media in Africa”, written by Jonathan Gosier, internet penetration in Africa is in fact growing exponentially, with mobile usage rates between 30%- 100%. The report also states that there are 280 million subscribers in Africa, which makes it the fastest growing market in the world.


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Therefore, despite the enormity of poverty and disease throughout the continent, Africa does in fact have a substantial role to play in the growth of the internet, and subsequently the growth of social media.

According to the report, companies like V-Sat have provided internet connectivity in areas without electricity, and huge corporations like Google have agreed to undertake “Barcamp Africa” at their headquarters in California. With international investment and growing infrastructure, Africa is set to become a prominent presence online, with the success of several independent social media projects.

These successful social media initiatives include the following: Afrigator, which is a South African blog aggregator for blogs and news, which allows users to use their blog roll to import friends, and is designed especially for African digital citizens to share online content; Zoopy which is a content sharing tool, like YouTube and Flicker, which allows users to upload and share videos, podcasts and pictures; and Ushahidi, which means “testimony” in Swahili and is a web application that receives SMS reports of violence in Kenya and maps their location using SMS, GPRS and mapping data.

The above three initiative are the most well known, however, the report states that there is an increasing number of social media initiatives coming from Africa. These include local news site; a mapping app similar to Ushahidi called Sokwanele; South African blog aggregator and a Ugandan blog aggregator called BlogSpirit.


Facebook Advertising


Facebook, has been around for a while now, but it is only in the last three years that the influence of the social media and networking site has grown to such unprecedented proportions. Facebook first began as a limited social networking facility for students from Harvard University, and was started by Mark Zuckerberg, who is now a millionaire, as a result of Facebook’s rapid global expansion.

According to, a blog dedicated to tracking changes and developments on Facebook, the social media site has now expanded into the mobile market, with millions of users accessing their profiles on their mobiles every day. Facebook has also diversified its service offering by implementing an infinite number of online applications, such as calendars, group forums, event management tools, popular culture applications and quizzes.

Facebook does not only offer social media benefits like messaging, photo tagging and online messaging, but is also an extremely profitable location for online advertising. As online advertising is only as good as the number of people that see it, Facebook truly is a competitive space for online advertising, as millions of people all over the world access their profiles and see Facebook advertising each day.

Facebook has also undergone several structural and aesthetic changes over the past few years in order to provide for its growing number of users. Now that the interface of Facebook has been altered to be more space conscious by creating tabs, online advertising can be argued to be more visible on the interface as it is no longer cluttered with an amassment of applications.

You will meet very few people who do not use Facebook, for various reasons. These reasons could have to do with age, techno-phobia, or even a growing concern with internet privacy. Privacy issues concern the ability of unwanted hackers, or even potential employers, to access your personal information.

However, despite these issues, there can be no doubt that Facebook has revolutionized social interaction, and is therefore a relevant location in which to companies and brands can engage with a constantly evolving market, and remain visible through online advertising.

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The worldwide blogosphere has revolutionized the way we communicate, and has opened up channels for debate, news, and entertainment all over the globe. This is because blogs offer more personal communication between everyday people and between companies and their customers.

South Africa has also seen a remarkable usage increase in the local blogosphere, with the number of active blogs increasing from 600 in December 2006 to 3789 a year later in December 2007. These statistics are a result of a 2008/2009 survey of Online Media in South Africa, conducted by media researcher and commentator, Arthur Goldstuck of World Wide Worx and the Online Publishers Association.

The results of this survey, show that the use of social media has grown considerably in South Africa, with blog site ranking the 8th most visited site in the country, according to online statistics site Alexa.

South African blogs have also developed a popular following, like the intrinsically South African site This site recently won several awards at the 2009 SA Blog Awards, including the prize for Best Entertainment blog. This is not surprising as its content appeals to both its target audience in Cape Town, and the rest of the country.

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The internet can be a lucrative location for online advertising and search engine marketing, due to the fact that your advertisements can reach a global audience. However, to maximize the potential benefits of online advertising, it is important to have the means to track the progress of your advertisements, see how often they are clicked, and assess where your advertisements are popular. One of the most visible locations on which to advertise are search engines, such as Google, which is why Google has developed its own advertising system, called Google Adwords.

According to the definition on PC Magazines’ online encyclopaedia, Google Adwords is a keyword advertising system that corresponds to keywords that are entered into the search engine. The fact that advertising correlates to the search keyword is important, as it means that your advertisements are targeted to a specific audience, who are more likely to click on your online advertisements. These Google Adwords advertisements are grouped under “sponsored links”, which means that you pay a certain amount per month to have your adverts displayed. Obviously the greater your budget, the more frequently your advert will be seen.

The implementation of a Google Adwords pay per click campaign is extremely simple, all you need to do is set up an online profile, write a two-line advert and choose the relevant keywords that correspond to your website. Google Adwords lets you pause your advertising campaign, and target your particular campaign to a specific area or country. Once your campaign is running, you can easily access your profile and ascertain the success of your advert through regular monitoring and re-evaluation.

Google Adwords is similar to another form of online advertising, which is known as PPC or Pay Per Click advertising. According to the definition of PPC on online web dictionary Webopedia, PPC is “an Internet marketing formula used to price online advertisements”. Therefore, PPC advertising works in similar way as Google Adwords, in that adverts are sponsored by the advertiser. Advertisers are also charged a specific rate by an Internet Publisher, in this case “per click”. In other words, whenever a web browser clicks on an advert, the advertiser pays money.

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