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Web 2.0 has brought a new generation of web-based communities moving marketing out of the teenage geek’s bedroom to excite all age groups, companies and aliens alike sharing experiences, and perspectives through the medium of chat, messaging, blogging and video. Ignore it at your peril, or be part of the movement.


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Let your words spin their magic

Words spin magic in the minds of others; therefore let your words do their bit of magic by selling for your client. Write better and sell more, using your magical words to their best advantage while satisfying your customer’s needs. Professional Copywriting can transform the most mediocre site into something quite spectacular; such is the power of the written word.

Most of us do not consider ourselves writers, as few of us have that claim to fame that the likes of Nadine Gordimer or Bryce Courtney have, but don’t let this deter you, as the most important point with copywriting is the power of persuasion.

Selling online and selling face to face have similarities. Selling is selling, no matter which angle you look at it.Writing copy is no different from selling a product door to door, and clinching the deal.
You have no choice but to ask yourself time and again “What is in it for my client?” All the client is interested in is how their needs and requirements can be met, and could not care less how fabulous your product, you or your business is. All they really want is what you can do for them.

Remember – customer is always king!

When writing for your client, the words you and yours should replace the words I and me, as all they are concerned about is what you, the copy writer, can deliver and offer them to make their business grow from strength to strength,  increasing their sales.

By zoning in on the client gives them a great sense of security. Making your clients and customers feel appreciated and unique, you give them the power of self. Be persuasive and use presumptuous words to make it all happen.

Grab your client’s attention; make them glue their faces to your pages, and use whatever persuasive copy you will need to make them excited by your word power.



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