SEO Competitor Analysis

The success of a website is based on how good you know your competitors and what strategies they use to compete.


So what is competitor analysis? Well quite simply put, it is spying on what your competitors are doing. Some people might ask, well then, isn’t competitor analysis cheating and doesn’t it mean that you’re just copying people and spying on them?

Well, that is what makes this business world tick is it not? Copy then better it! With SEO and online marketing, it’s very much a copy and better type environment as there are companies out there that have spent millions and years on testing ADS, testing keywords and formula’s to find the right formula that works for them.

This is essentially one of the first steps of a good SEO strategy and one we’ve perfected over the years. HOPEFULLY by the time you read this article, people are copying us!

As part of our strategy we find the competition running both in the country that our clients are trying to target and competition externally. This allows us to use a combination of local marketing and using formula’s overseas that people have tried and tested for the last few years.

By combining our skill set with a well structured competitor analysis, we have managed to improve click through rates, conversions and essentially ROI for our clients.

If you’d like a full and comprehensive competitor analysis done, you can get a quote from us here.

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