Pay Per Click

Through pay-per-click advertising we are able to show your adverts to the already existing online demand.Your advertising budget will only be allocated to adverts that produce results, thereby maximizing your return on investment. Want leads for your business, pay per click is the key to a successful online marketing campaign.

What set’s out PPC strategies apart from the rest of the world


  • Being a team of young dynamic tecchies, we’ve been able to develop custom build formulas and strategies that allow for us to stay ontop of our game.
  • Managing big accounts with thousands of keyword variations is made simpler with adwords management software that we’ve tried and tested
  • Campaign budgets for our clients range from R5000 / month to R400 000 / month
  • A team of 4 qualified PPC specialists ready to take on the world

The internet can be a lucrative location for online advertising and search engine marketing, due to the fact that your advertisements can reach a global audience. However, to maximize the potential benefits of online advertising, it is important to have the means to track the progress of your advertisements, see how often they are clicked, and assess where your advertisements are popular. One of the most visible locations on which to advertise are search engines, such as Google, which is why Google has developed its own advertising system, called Google Adwords.

According to the definition on PC Magazines’ online encyclopaedia, Google Adwords is a keyword advertising system that corresponds to keywords that are entered into the search engine. The fact that advertising correlates to the search keyword is important, as it means that your advertisements are targeted to a specific audience, who are more likely to click on your online advertisements. These Google Adwords advertisements are grouped under “sponsored links”, which means that you pay a certain amount per month to have your adverts displayed. Obviously the greater your budget, the more frequently your advert will be seen.

The implementation of a Google Adwords pay per click campaign is extremely simple, all you need to do is set up an online profile, write a two-line advert and choose the relevant keywords that correspond to your website. Google Adwords lets you pause your advertising campaign, and target your particular campaign to a specific area or country. Once your campaign is running, you can easily access your profile and ascertain the success of your advert through regular monitoring and re-evaluation.

Google Adwords is similar to another form of online advertising, which is known as PPC or Pay Per Click advertising. According to the definition of PPC on online web dictionary Webopedia, PPC is “an Internet marketing formula used to price online advertisements”. Therefore, PPC advertising works in similar way as Google Adwords, in that adverts are sponsored by the advertiser. Advertisers are also charged a specific rate by an Internet Publisher, in this case “per click”. In other words, whenever a web browser clicks on an advert, the advertiser pays money.

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