On Page Optimization

The success of a website is based around the relevance of a keyword or set of keywords.



On page optimization is search engine optimization done directly onto a webpage so as to attain optimal results with excellent search engine rankings. In other words, the part of the site that is clearly visible or the parts that are either encoded or invisible.

On page optimization refers to the html tags within the page. These include heading tags (<h1>), title tags, bold tags, and tags that are in italics on your web page.
All search phrases should be emphasized in as normal way as possible and in simple language for both the visitor and the search engine spider. Do not use too many key words on your web page, by repeating the search phrase excessively on your web page as this will simply result in your site being moved to a lower ranking and will defeat the object of the exercise..

“Unethical” on page techniques are also a no-no for on page optimization. There are certain companies that incorporate this unethical use of SEO, therefore you would be better off by avoiding such practices. No one would like their site to be demoted or even banned from search engines altogether.

Using invisible text on your site to attain elevated rankings is not acceptable when it comes to on page optimization. A good example is using white text on a white page; the words are there but are not visible to the surfer. This will certainly result in the penalization of your site.

Using negative div tags will place the content of your site outside the surfer’s view. The search engine will be able to find your key words but the surfer cannot see the actual content. This is usually done by dishonest SEO services to sabotage a website.

Avoiding cloaking redirects at all times for your on page optimization, and last but not least avoid duplication of content as this will most certainly lead to severe penalization.

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