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Web 2.0 has brought a new generation of web-based communities moving marketing out of the teenage geek’s bedroom to excite all age groups, companies and aliens alike sharing experiences, and perspectives through the medium of chat, messaging, blogging and video. Ignore it at your peril, or be part of the movement.

Online PR


The online Public Relations (PR) industry in South Africa, like other communication oriented industries, has evolved to incorporate the changing needs of contemporary society. PR professionals have had to refine the way they communicate with an existing and potential audience, as the scope of information available online requires flexibility, knowledge and the ability to respond immediately to the consistent change that characterizes modern society.

According to a presentation by Mel Attree entitled “Connecting with Online Communities”, being able to communicate effectively with your audience is an essential component of PR in South Africa. In order to communicate effectively, it is important to understand the nature of media consumption, which has changed dramatically over the years.

Attree also states in her presentation that unlike in the past, consumers online now have the ability to respond and “have something to say about your brand.” This means that consumers can potentially have enough influence to positively/negatively affect your brand or product.

Therefore, engaging with consumers through effective web based PR is an important means to be able to respond to potential negative press, and to maintain a consistent brand image through being able to identify your audience and engage with them though various communication channels.

This effective online PR includes listening, identifying key online communities (through social media, blogs and multimedia sites); efficient content management through various mediums such as content aggregators (for example Digg and Muti); community management; media relations and the effective tracking and analysis of content.

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