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Old Mutual

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Old Mutual Unit Trust

We ask ourselves – what exactly are unit trusts and how could these help us to invest our hard-earned money?  What exactly are the benefits of Old Mutual unit trusts?

Unit trusts are the pooled resources of thousands of investors who have entrusted their money to a management company, one such company being the reliable and trustworthy Old Mutual. Unit trusts are portfolios of assets, for example bonds, equity, cash and property that are listed, in which investors can buy units trusts.

Anyone can buy unit trusts either by investing with a lump some of money, or by investing on a monthly basis. Unit trusts obtain something that is impossible for individuals to obtain on their own – and that is blue chip shares. These blue chip shares are in demand and are expensive for individuals to obtain on their own steam. As with any investment, though, there is always the chance of risk, as fluctuations in share prices on any stock exchange will determine the volatility of shares. Investing In this manner will permit investors to spread their risk, while at the same time benefitting from professional fund management. When investing in unit trusts, it is important to consider why you are investing – the reasoning behind your investments. For example a bond, retirement income, or something enjoyable such as a holiday house.

Other things to consider when investing in unit trusts would be accessibility – what kind of time line would you need to access your money and investment – would this be as soon as a year or would it be in ten years time – it is imperative to choose the fund that would suit your individual needs. Old Mutual would be able to assist with all the investment advice you would need.

Whether you would like to discuss your investment with a financial adviser, about investing in unit trusts or you already know what it is that you want to invest in. Either way, Old Mutual will be able to assist. Professional financial advisers will be able to guide you and answer any pertinent questions you might need answered.

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