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Compacrow Shelving

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Industrial Shelving >> Compacrow Shelving

Compacrow doubles your storage capacity within the same floor area.

  • No need for expensive extensions

  • No need to spread your stock into other areas


COMPACROW units move at a touch. Approx-imately 4kg pressure is all that is required to move one ton of merchandise. Provides instant accessibility.

Storage Space costs money! Double your storage capacity or your existing storage area by eliminating unnecessary access aisles. Reduce your costs per unit stored.

COMPACROW shelving
mobile units may be closed together to form a compact block and locked, affording protection against fire, dust and pilferage.

Compacrow is a system where rows of shelving are mounted on robust steel bases. These bases are fitted with maintenance free wheels which run on precision laid floor tracks. By gently moving one or several units either direction, access to the required stock becomes immediately available. 

Types of Shelving

AB Shelving
Boltless Shelving
Compaqrow Shelving
Pressfit Shelving
Library Shelving

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