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Global Fundi Finance is your leader in financial innovation bringing you global financial solutions, satisfying all your financial requirements and needs, online, under one umbrella.

With offices based in South Africa and partnering with some of the world’s leading companies in finance this has opened up doors and permitted our services to expand into Asia, The Middle East, Africa Europe and also the USA.

On offer for your financial needs would be Forex - Forex Fundi is an innovative way to transfer funds to and from any country in the world, without the usual 3% transfer fee that most banks charge.

Personal loans through Loan Fundi currently offer personal loans from different institutions for the best interest rates. Credit Bureau Services through Credit Fundi is currently looking to bring a couple of world firsts to the online market.

For all your global financial solutions go to to find out more.

Online Marketing for the Finance Industry

TrafficFundi specialises in Google Adwords and Search engine optimisation for the finance industry in South Africa. If you'd like more information regarding the services that we can offer, please feel free to contact us on 012 341 2223.



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