Making Your Way To the Top With SEO

Making Your Way To the Top With SEO

Many SMEs need to learn how to use their websites to boost their businesses. Accessibility, usability and aesthetics can turn a good website into a brilliant one, and at the same time generating excellent returns for your business. Here are some interesting stats regarding SEO and websites.


  • At the end of 2011 there were 555 million websites.
  • 300 million of these were added in 2011!
  • Of the 2,1 billion internet users from across the world , 118,6 million of these internet users live in Africa.


It is therefore obvious that there is a market increase in traffic and therefore more of a focus on traffic in the online industry and marketing sector. Clicks and SEO are what it is all about and businesses are spending a fortune on pushing their websites to the top of the pile.


What differentiates a good website from a brilliant one?

  • A brilliant website is one that generates sales.
  • The sale might not be a direct sale from the website per se – but perhaps the first point of introduction was through the site.
  • If you are an SME there is more reason to have a web presence – simple ones with a couple of pages are perfect.
  • A website creates an image of stability and expertise.
  • A website offers a professional image to its potential clients and customers.
  • We eat and buy with our eyes – that is why visually it is so important to have a web presence; people on the whole are visually orientated.
  • People are lazy and do not enjoy reading too much content.
  • The content on your site should be so fabulous that your reader will not want to rip his or her face away from the page.
  • Scintillating content is what it is all about!
  • A good website will guide a user from the home page to the relevant information.


Incorporate an excellent SEO strategy for your website to increase the position on results pages and increase your web’s visibility. There are numerous actions that can be taken to improve the SEO of your site – one of them is the use of key word density that will therefore improve your site’s visibility.