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5 ways to increase PPC efficiency

If you are looking for ways of driving traffic to your website quickly and effectively PPC (Pay per Click) is an active way to do so. But small to medium enterprises more often than not make errors and undermine their campaigns. That is where we come into the picture to increase your PPC efficiency whilst driving relevant traffic to your website.

If you want to know how PPC works:

Through programmes such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, marketers specify an amount they are willing to pay for each visitor to their website. They also indicate whether they would like their ads to appear in search engine results or content blocks embedded within in their websites – or both.

Here are 5 ways to increase your PPC efficiency with Trafficfundi:

  • Don't just use broadmatch keywords – One of the most common mistakes is to use broad match keywords thinking they're only targeting one ter. Simply put, your ad will appear not just for your chosen keyword phrase but also for any similar phrases or similar variations. Even though it is of the belief that broad matched keywords will increase the exposure of your site, they can and will attract traffic that is irrelevant. At Trafficfundi it is our job to ensure the right mix of keywords is implemented to ensure that your PPC efficiency is increased.
  • We make use of negative keywords – PPC marketers often fail to use negative keywords. Our professional team will ensure that negative keywords are incorporated to assist in eliminating irrelevant ad placements.
  • We match landing pages to ads for our clients – sending a visitor from your PPC ad to an irrelevant landing page not only interrupts the sales process, but it can also result in the assessment of lower ad quality scores which means that you will pay more for each click and receive far less exposure than advertisers with higher scores.
  • Trafficfundi will test your ad copy – writing effective ad copy is a difficult task at the best of times – that is why we will test your ad copy for you. We test different versions of ads to see which perform best and will maximise the ROI of your campaign.
  • We track your return of investment – to effectively manage your campaigns and improve your ROI, you will need to know exactly which clicks are resulting in sales.

Increasing your PPC efficiency at Trafficfundi is what we do best – contact us without delay to find out how you, too, can effectively drive traffic to your website by using us.

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