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Finding a comprehensive list of keyword tools is very easy, but in South Africa we don't really have any great locally developed keyword tools. Here is a list of what tools to use and how to use them.


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Keyword tools are imperative to a good online marketing and site structure strategy. A keyword tool that I think 90% of South Africa currently uses is called the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool.

Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

Click here for the Link to Google Keyword Suggestion Tool.

The keyword tool that I've linked to above here also known as the Google keyword tool or The Google keyword suggestion tool is by far the most popular tool being used by South Africans at this point in time. The only problem here is that we have to rely on Google data :) which we're not always sure is correct.

Problems with Google keyword tool

  • It gives you number of searches per month on a keyword, this never ever comes close to the number of clicks you get for that keyword even if you rank 1st.
  • Putting in your website address often gives you incorrect keywords
  • If you're doing keyword research for your client make sure you understand what his product/site is about also make sure you don't have any cross industry keyword matches i.e. Shelf Company & Shelving Company
  • It doesn't use South Africa jargon and doesn't generally pickup keywords that have less than 10 clicks a month on it, this could become a problem when you start focusing on keywords that only bring high volumes are they're generally the most competative keywords

Advantages to Google Keyword tool

  • A keyword tool that's fast and can give you a wide variety of searches
  • Make sure you logged into your Google account or your searches are limited to 100 results
  • You can include and exclude search terms
  • You can pick which countries you would like your results from i.e. US english or UK english and obviosuly search results in each country differ.

Overall a keyword tool that I would definately recommend and use in portfolio of research tools for both SEO and ADWORDS.

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