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Keyword Research for Websites


The success of a website is based around the relevance of a keyword or set of keywords. It's imperative that when you do keyword research and analysis that it's done correctly from the beginning.


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Search engine optimisation >> Keyword research

Having a fantastic website is wonderful, but if you are not getting the type of business or sales that you ought to due to the incorrect keywords being used, then you are most certainly in need of a little help and guidance. You will only stay competitive if you are doing your SEO correctly, and by this you will have to do your keyword research accurately.

First and foremost doing your keyword research is of paramount importance by broadening the lens a little when it comes to optimizing your words. You are coming from a different industry and angle to that which your customer is, therefore the words that they think of as key words, is usually a little off the mark.

Understanding the Basics of keyword research

A total misconception is that paying a lot of money for a wonderful website will automatically bring you big business; think again, without the right keywords your customers are not going to be able to find you on the Google pages.

Coming up with a perfect marriage of words that will drive your customers straight to your site is of paramount importance. Take it slowly at first to see which combinations work best for your site.

Use all the synonyms that would be pertinent to what you are selling or what services you are offering to get an idea of what you should look for when doing an SEO keyword analysis for your client and what is pertinent to their type of business or service.

Most importantly, though, is thinking out of the box. You cannot be in tunnel vision mode. Words that are too broad and too vague can lead to the competition and you don't want to pay for your potential customers being directed to your opposition or competition.

Only include highly attainable and sought-after phrases that will bring the most traffic to your site.

Keyword Research Tools

To do keyword research use the keyword tool to assist in discovering how popular a word is on SEO and how many times that particular word gets used. This tool can also give you fresh SEO words to use for your existing or new site. They are free and easy to use, so why not take full advantage of this.

Click here for Keyword Tools - A comprehensive list of keyword tools and how to use them.

Some of these keyword tools are: Wordtracker" and "Wordstream" or you can use "Google AdWords Keyword Tool". Honestly? Not taking advantage of these fantastic tools would put you at a disadvantage.

These tools will also assist when putting together a new website and you are stumped for ideas. It is always difficult to write if you don't have something to write about; these will help you get started and put you on the right track.

Remember not to overdo the keyword emphasis either, and highlighting too many in one article will make your work far too "spammy". Try to avoid overkill when using keywords, and don't compromise your grammar when including the words, otherwise people will think you have taken up a foreign language and translated it onto your site.

Your landing page isn't the only place where you use your keywords as they should also be used in other ways on the site.

Winning the war of words is really quite simply if you know how.

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