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Pay per click advertising through Google adwords!

How ecommerce PPC can impact your bottom line

Running a profitable E-Commerce PPC campaign is not as complicated as it might seem. Simply put – you can now click your way to success. Google AdWords is an online advertising tool that is fast altering how advertising should work and makes use of a type of online advertising based on a Pay per Click model where you will only pay when someone clicks onto your ad.

Pay per Click or PPC as it is commonly known:

  • PPC is an advertising model that has been created to draw customers to an advertiser’s website and has undoubtedly shifted the way marketing has worked in the past.
  • PPC has grown substantially plus it still boasts having massive potential for further growth.

Interesting facts:

  • At Trafficfundi it is our mission to show you how uncomplicated it is to run a profitable E-Commerce PPC campaign.
  • PPC has evolved into a US$ billion industry.
  • The internet and the Google search engine in particular is the gateway for individuals and businesses to find immediate information on services and products (what did we do before Google)?

Why PPC is the marketing channel of the future:

  • The benefits of PPC are huge.
  • Because of this, PPC has become a very attractive form of online marketing.
  • As a matter of fact it has become a most effective marketing channel and an operational and measurable way forward.
  • Because companies want to know what is being put in and what the results are – Google AdWords are able to give them the kind of answers they need
  • By advertising with Google AdWords you will now be in a position to place your ads at the top of the search engine results page – known as the SERP.
  • This way when someone is searching for your product or for your service, the results are quite remarkable.

The biggest draw-card of AdWords is that you control how much you are prepared to spend.

Interesting statistics regarding PPC campaigns:

  • 50% of all mobile searches will lead to a sale.
  • 79% of smartphone owners use them to assist with their online shopping needs.
  • Google AdWords is the world’s major ad network because it reaches 80% of internet users across the globe.
  • PPC marketing has a higher-than-average response and sales.

A profitable E-Commerce PPC Campaign is without question the best way forward in today’s high-tech world. Google AdWords can and will become part of the advertising of the future – a one-stop-shopping method of serving adverts to people at the right time in the right place – and at Trafficfundi we show just how easy it is. Find out more by contacting us today.

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