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TrafficFundi creates online opportunities for your brand and website. By using the online tools and marketing channels, we harness the existing demand for your product and help turn it into bottom line revenue for your business.

Knowing where your consumers are online and where your competitors are getting increased revenue online is the first key to us helping your business grow online! As consumers use search engines to look for products and services, we ensure that your brand gets maximum visibility in this arena. We work with you to identify the most important ‘keywords’ and ‘search terms’ that people are using to find your competitors. By tweaking elements on your website and getting relevant referrals to your website, we help your brand appear at the top of the search results.

The next key step is to ensure that your website traffic converts into sales! We do this by measuring every keyword; every traffic source and the user behavior on your website. We are constantly optimizing, constantly tweaking our formulas and marketing strategies for you to find better keywords, more keywords, and traffic sources that are more profitable for your business.

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