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With a motto and logo like “Air France makes baggage easier” one can only be inspired to look no further than Airfrance to book your next trip abroad. A simple, attractive, baggage allowance is available worldwide, making Air France a most attractive airline to utilize. Click for Air France.

Sourcing new and   used cars to buy is not quite as simple as one would like to think when going through the usual channels like newspapers and dealerships – firstly budget is often a big issue, and secondly with the economic crisis, there seems to be a vast selection of motor car deals on the market, making this a confusing choice to make. Click for Cars.

Coronation Fund Mangers is one of the most successful asset management companies in South Africa, boasting a R176 billion portfolio. On offer is a wide range of unit trust funds individually designed to suit the needs of the individual.Click for Coronation Unit Trusts.

Famous Faces Management is widely regarded as Africa’s number one provided of celebrities, master of ceremonies, professional speakers and corporate event entertainers. The company was established way back in 1988, with its base in Johannesburg and prides itself on being able to match up companies with the relevant talent for whatever event or corporate function is taking place. Click for FamousFaces.

So may of us are dissatisfied with our banks and the service they offer these days, but this longer has to be the case.
FNB is there to help you and all the help you need is absolutely free!! Click For FNB.

Lunch boxes will never be the same again with Foodcapers – health on the go, Foodcapers is tops in food delivery, for you and your family, get the best from Foodcapers for school lunch boxes, office food menus and food on the go! This is your one stop healthy food shop. Click For FoodCapers.
Intdev Internet Technologies is a South African based Internet Service Provider (ISP). Intdev strives to optimize business communication and offers web hosting, content management systems, SMS communication, email, as well as customer relationship management solutions– SugarCRM. Click For Intdev.
Investonline offers you tailor-made portfolios from as many as 46 premium branded unit trusts at a fraction of normal costs. Click For Invest Online. incorporates industry-leading expertise and innovative technology to assist companies, helping them to meet the complexities of business demands of today and the challenges of tomorrow. Click For ItecGroup. jagmethod.comUsing the JAG Method is useful for optimum lead generation. It is an online social, mobile, search and media partner, and much more. One would ask why the JAG route? Click For JagMethod. a wealth of information and guidance on how to work out taxes, product spotlight on new online unit trust information, and the financial strain in general and what effects it has had on consumers. Clcik For JustMoney. you are looking to install racking, shelving, lockers or even added space by installing mezzanine flooring – Krostshelving are the specialists that supply all your needs for your warehouses, factories, commercial buildings or even your retail specialists.
Click For Krostshelving.
lexus.comLexus is the luxury motor vehicle division of the Japanese motor vehicle manufacturing plant of the Toyota Motor Corporation.
Click For Lexus. Medical is based in Johannesburg and is one of the largest providers of medical supplies.
Med Medical also rents out a large range of medical equipment from crutches to wheelchairs, to suit the needs of individuals. Click For MedMedical.
microsoft.comTo evaluate how to apply Microsoft products for your company’s individual use and for your company’s individual needs there are free download trials that you can obtain by logging onto Microsoft, and getting the best from the best. Click For Microsoft. Business is in a position to assist in managing business data adding real value to any operation and is able to integrate your existing systems with the Internet. Click For MWEB Business. again will you be at a loss as what to get that special client, business associate, the niece or nephew that lives far away, or simply a little something to tell someone special in your life that you love and care about them. Click For NetFlorist. netsurit.comFor all your managed technology solutions with both Dell support and Microsoft support, Netsurit has been rated the 53rd in the top 100 on the MSPsurvey.
Click For Netsurit. retiring to a wonderful life filled with gentleness and long strolls through lush landscaped gardens, or sipping sundowners in your retirement apartment in Cape Town.
Click For Oasis Retirement Resort. get all your quotes for insurance whether it is for household insurance, personal accident cover, car insurance, commercial insurance, building insurance , or business insurance, a really good place to start with would be by visiting OUTsurance Today.
Click For OUTsurance.
telkomsa.netTelkom is Africa's largest communications company, providing communication solutions to a broad spectrum of clients. Telkom's vision is to become the number one communications provider in Africa at world-class levels.
Click For Telkom. ordering your Transunion credit report today you can find out what your credit history says about your financial reputation.
TransUnion allows you to manage your credit to maximize your credit power. Know where you stand when it comes to your debt. Click For Transunion.
Wantitall is all about what you need and when you need it – for all your online shopping requirements, all you have to do is go to Wantitall to find the items that you are looking for for all your onine shopping – your exceptional online store.Click For Wantitall. Global Fundi is your leader in financial innovation bringing you global financial solutions, satisfying all your financial requirements and needs, online, under one umbrella. Click For GlobalFundi.

Kudough is a business creating Credit Power for customers. We’re about taking what credit providers and credit bureaus know about you and turning this into insight for you to improve your status and put the power back in your hands, Credit Power. Click for Kudough.

Accountsfundi, a new age revolutionary step to making accounts easy and hassle free for ALL small businesses. Based in Pretoria we are a specialist accounts firm. Accountsfundi has extensive experience in these fields with over 20 years of integrated and developed knowledge! Click for Accountsfundi



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