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Itec Group

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Telecommunications Marketing Itec

Itec Group

Itec Group is known as the solutions provider.

Itec is leading office automation, telecommunications and financial solutions provider.

Itec incorporates industry-leading expertise and innovative technology to assist companies, helping them to meet the complexities of business demands of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

Originally founded in 1987, the Itec Group brand was born in 2004 by South African entrepreneurs to provide total office solutions to the existing client base. The copier, printer and fax business units were merged in 2004 when the company changed its name to Itec and it has grown in leaps and bounds ever since, offering superior service, and personalized solutions to individual problems and situations.

You simply can't lead if you follow. You can't innovate if you imitate

This is the foundation that Itec has built its integrity and expertise on. For your unique business solutions visit

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