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We're a bunch of fundi's who aim to incorporate search and social strategies through loads of techie work and plenty of funky, out there strategies to help companies better their digital marketing spend and ultimately increase ROI.

No one business is the same. We aim to provide unique and customised search strategies for any company or agency looking to better their online presence. Below are some of the things we're really good at.

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Get to the top of Google with our search engine optimization campaigns

Become part of the SEO revolution! We are rated in the TOP 5 SEO Companies in South Africa and we have the results to prove it. If you need HITS, Trafficfundi is it.

Increase bottom line revenue for your business by using search engine marketing

Become part of the SEM revolution! Google Paid Advertising is an instant way to drive business leads. Let our Adwords Company show you how it's transformed companies.

Optimize your press releases so they get found in the search engines

Become part of the Digital PR revolution! Online PR and traditional advertising agencies are starting to feel the heat. We offer competative pricing with regards to PR.

Use Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to get more business online

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are becoming household brands for companies and more South African businesses are joining the trend. Don't fall behind, signup today.

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It's not about finding the closest SEO company to your office, it's about picking one that understands your needs as a business, big or small...

Date published: 13 June 2013

Making Your Way To The Top With SEO
Many SMEs need to learn how to use their websites to boost their businesses. Accessibility, usability and aesthetics can turn a good website into a brilliant one, and at the same time generating excellent returns for your business. Here are some interesting stats regarding SEO and websites...

Date published: 22 November 2012

Eight Reasons Why Search Engine Optimisation And Digital Rock
Did you know that Search Engines are absolutely vital to the online visibility of your website? Without search engine optimisation your website simply would not feature. If internet users cannot find your website then how on earth are they going...

Date published: 21 November 2012

Digital Is Revolutionising Traditional Marketing
The nice thing about digital marketing is that it offers all brands new opportunities that conventional methods cannot effortlessly match:

Date published: 20 November 2012

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10 Clicks Ahead Training Company
World Class Training with 10 Clicks Ahead

South Africa’s latest & hottest training company to hit the scene. It’s IT training, Digital Marketing Training & Soft skills training brought to you. 10 Clicks Ahead training courses are tailor-made just for you.

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"A great company that delivers a great all-round digital marketing package. If you're looking to increase online exposure, Trafficfundi is for you" -

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